The X-570 was considered to be a “step down” camera to Minolta’s top of the line X-700, even though it offered several improvements to the viewfinder over the X-700. Dernière édition par Nuss996 le Mar 25 Juin 2019 08:58, édité 1 fois. This is where the XE-7 comes in: It has the same body/frame and CLC metering of the SRT Series cameras and the same shutter/winding as the XD Series - the BEST of my two favorite 35mm cameras. For that sort of money, a good Nikon might be preferable.But then I use them - not admire in a cabinet. I thus much prefer the match needle system on some,but sadly not all, Nikons. et aussi : x370 en très bon état. The one that's for sale comes without flash, but it has a data back! Aux USA, il est le Minolta XD11 et au Japon, il s’appelle Minolta XD. Bandoulière Original Minolta X700 X500 X300 XG9 XD5 XD7 XG2 XG1 (Réf#F-025) D'occasion. To "TrueLovedOne" and "ratsj" 98 months ago (permalink), I know that by now you probably made a choice but anyway, I'd recommend the XD-7 or even the XD-5 any day. 1x 50mm f1.7 Minolta 1x 100mm f2.5 Minolta 1x 135mm f2.8 Tokina 1x 300mm f4.5 Minolta MC 1x 600mm f8.0 Sigma 1x 17-28mm f4.0-4.5 Vivitar 1x 35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Minolta 1x 70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Tokina 1x Extension tube set 1x 50mm Macro 1:1 f3.5 Minolta 1x Auto132PX TTL strobe 1x Osram VS300 Studio strobe 1x SLIK PRO 500 DX tripod. M42 lenses without correctionglass adapters and/or old Minolta AF glass on Sony Alpha. And I agree. I just spent the day at the ski jump with my Sony a350 and an X700 with a Motor drive and bunch of ektar. It's so... velvety! See Way better quality and almost all metal compared to the X700. Since I already have the lenses for it (came with a lot), I started thinking about a Minolta too. Recherchez minolta x500 d'occasion de la manière la plus simple. would like an opinion on whether it is a reasonable purchase,and have any evidence of Great to see that there are that many fans!! So I went out and got me a rather minty condition xd7. (permalink), I shot regularly with Minolta film cameras in the late 1980's and 1990's. Both take good pictures when you use a quality lens like the 24mm and the 85mm. I am still keeping an eye out for a deal on an XE 7, but need a 5600HSd flash first..... Just store them carefully, and have fun! Originally posted 100 months ago. 9 months ago I ne... Hello all! The X700 is somewhat more modern cheaply made plastic body with cloth curtain shutter. XD-7 has a basic programmed AE mode with MD lenses called GREEN TO GO. what minolta cameras and lenses do you use. (permalink) I ended up buying the following (with my comments after some tests): No better way to get the job done in style. 6,95 EUR-20% selon la quantité achetée. :) I got so hooked on Minolta that I had to unhook myself pretty much, but I am currently using their lenses for a large percentage of my photography. Hmmmm. I just ordered an XE-7 this afternoon thanks to this thread :-) I think you can enjoy the nice built camera. I happen to own some MD/SR lenses, but I don't have a body. Maybe I'll go for that one..... Unless you want to shoot in programm mode or think the AE lock is an indispensable feature, the XD-7 is a better, more reliable machine. Originally posted 99 months ago. The best choice in my opinion is the X-700. Message Jeu 27 Juin 2019 17:42, #8 Thirdly, it has one mechanical shutter speed (1/100) in case you run out of battery (saved me twice). speed, minimum aperture and Shutter priority mode (all green). The XD7/11 fills the hand better and is a better made camera, but probably one I use the least. The XD7 is the best built and has a nicer sounding shutter. convient aussi pour x300. 31 months ago Ok super bon j'attends mon X500 avec minolta 50mm et 35mm. Good cameras all the same, but from an aesthetic the X series has nothing over the older cameras. (permalink), Grooved Ware People: £9.95. (permalink) Minolta X500 Headaches... PF Black Friday Donation Special Now Live | Win a Pentax K-70 - Enter our raffle daily in November! But actually doesn't! Here are some instructions for replacing the primary electrolytic capactior found in several Minolta film SLR bodies. I have owned and used probably 100 vintage SLRs and this one— size, quality, weight— is a keeper! The four or five times I bought one, even if the metering seemed to work well, the shutter timing didn't.

minolta x500 ou x700

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